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Last Week of School!!! No Homework this week and no Friday tests!!!! We will do assessments through hands on activities!!John's Incredible AR Party this Monday- boarding bus at 12:00 to arrive at John's Incredible at 12:30 for all you can eat pizza/drink, $5 game card and free ride. We will leave John's at 2:30 to arrive back at school by 3:00pm. Parents are free to meet us at John's at 12:30 but have to drive and pay separately($9.99 school rate). Be sure to bring back the signed bright pink permission slip and free dress- Aloha style on Monday!!! John's Incredible Pizza Company at 5280 Arrow Highway, Montclair, CA 91763 (909) 447-7777- click on link below for directions:

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We will distribute 6th period AR awards (dog tag,free meal coupon, balloon, and Root beer float(non diary popsicle) at lunch on Tuesday. Most of the class increased their STAR Reading levels in last week's STAR Reading Assessment- Way to Go!!! Friday is Minimum/Free Dress Day- All School Picnic at Garcia Park 9:00-12:00. Parents are welcome to join us and check out students from park at 12:00 or 12:30 dismissal at school. We are still collecting gently used/new Bibles for Back to school Outreach.
Amazing Results at our last Cafe for a Cause for this year on Friday, April 27th- We raised $3,370.94 which allowed us to exceed our $5,000 goal with a yearly grand total raised of $6,541.89 All of these funds will be split 50/50 towards helping Agua de Vida Orphanage and Hope Primary School in North Uganda.

Mark 10:16 "May God take us in his arms and begin blessing us, laying His hands on us. So we may in turn lay our hands on others and bless them."
John 15:13 "There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends."
Butterfly release 007.JPG
Butterfly release 010.JPG

Upcoming Events:(see pictures below)
May 14th- Spirit Day- Dress in Hawaiian/Aloha clothes

May 14th- Students getting their year books at dismissal time

May 14th- Year long AR Party at John's Incredible(12:00-3:00)-only for students who have made their goals for all 6 AR periods. Our entire class made it- be sure to bring in your signed bright pink permission slip on Monday morning!! We are boarding bus from 11:45-12:00. Parents welcome to meet us at John's at 12:30, but need to pay separately. Please let your teacher know if you are planning to come so we can add you to guest list so you only pay $9.99 school rate.

May 17th- All School Chapel in the MPV starting at 8:30am- parents encouraged to join us.
May 18th-Last Day of School- Early Dismissal at 12:30- End of the Year Family Picnic at Garcia Park- parents can check out their children from park at 12:00pm or at school at 12:30 dismissal.

Pictures below from our Field Trip to Natural History Museum in Los Angeles where we explored Fossils at the Dino Lab and had our very own Dino Encounter.

Pictures below from our Field Trip to Jurupa Mountain Discovery Center where students learned about minerals, rocks, and fossils and got to do their own digging on Dinosaur Mesa. Each student took home an egg carton collection of various rocks, minerals and fossils:Jurupa Cultural Center 2018 249.JPG
Jurupa Cultural Center 2018 304.JPGJurupa Cultural Center 2018 146.JPGJurupa Cultural Center 2018 202.JPG
Jurupa Cultural Center 2018 228.JPG
Pictures below from our Polar Express Christmas Celebration:
IMG_3521.JPGIMG_3520.JPGIMG_3514.JPGIMG_3511.JPGIMG_3507 (1).JPG
IMG_3516.JPGIMG_3518 (1).JPG
IMG_3519 - Copy.JPGIMG_3505.JPG
Christmas Cookie Decorating:
IMG_3489.JPGIMG_3490.JPGIMG_3492.JPGIMG_3493.JPGJurupa Cultural Center 2018 041.JPGJurupa Cultural Center 2018 036.JPGJurupa Cultural Center 2018 005.JPGJurupa Cultural Center 2018 008.JPG
We had fun eating snacks that come from a plant and reviewing the functions of each Edible Plant Part at our Harvest Feast- we read and watched Spookly the Square Pumpkin and got our hands dirty digging seeds out of a pumpkin and discussing the Pumpkin Parable/Pumpkin Carving Prayer

harvest feast 005.JPGharvest feast 006.JPG
harvest feast 001.JPGharvest feast 002.JPGharvest feast 003.JPG

Loved Blessing our Grandparents by making them Cozy Coasters for Grandparent's Day
Grandparent's day 063.JPGGrandparent's day 070.JPGGrandparent's day 071.JPG
Grandparent's day 077.JPG
Grandparent's day 064.JPGGrandparent's day 079.JPG
Grandparent's day 067.JPGGrandparent's day 069.JPG
Check out our Junior Botanist starting our Plant Unit-planting grass seed and germinating a Lima bean seed
Grandparent's day 038.JPGGrandparent's day 033.JPG
Grandparent's day 030.JPGGrandparent's day 029.JPG
Grandparent's day 002.JPGGrandparent's day 035.JPG
Spirit Filled Peanut's GangCharlie Brown pics 059.jpg
Charlie Brown pics 039.jpgCharlie Brown pics 041.jpgCharlie Brown pics 047.jpg

We had a "Beary" Nice Day with Flat Friday Snacks and Bring your Bear to Class Day celebrating the completion of our Flat Stanley Novel Study and our Class Story of CorduroyGrandparent's picture 001.JPGGrandparent's picture 003.JPGGrandparent's picture 005.JPGGrandparent's picture 007.JPGGrandparent's picture 009.JPGGrandparent's picture 012.JPGGrandparent's picture 014.JPGGrandparent's picture 016.JPGGrandparent's picture 017.JPGGrandparent's picture 019.JPGGrandparent's picture 022.JPGGrandparent's picture 023.JPG
Grandparent's picture 026.JPGGrandparent's picture 028.JPGGrandparent's picture 029.JPGGrandparent's picture 031.JPGGrandparent's picture 055.JPGGrandparent's picture 058.JPG
We had lots of fun exploring nature at our Field Trip to the LA Arboretumarboretum 2017 052.JPGarboretum 2017 060.JPG

arboretum 2017 069.JPG
arboretum 2017 077.JPGIMG_2908.JPGIMG_2910 (1).JPG
arboretum 2017 019.JPGarboretum 2017 017.JPGarboretum 2017 006.JPG
arboretum 2017 049.JPGarboretum 2017 040.JPGarboretum 2017 013.JPG
We had so much fun at our 1st Lunch with Parents Day!!!!
October 2017 092.JPGOctober 2017 093.JPGOctober 2017 094.JPG
October 2017 095.JPGOctober 2017 097.JPGOctober 2017 101.JPG
October 2017 102.JPGOctober 2017 104.JPGOctober 2017 105.JPG
October 2017 107.JPGOctober 2017 109.JPGOctober 2017 112.JPG
October 2017 114.JPGOctober 2017 124.JPGOctober 2017 126.JPG

Celebrating Mr. Kyle's Birthday and Tyler's Birthday
October 2017 120.JPGOctober 2017 122.JPG

Students having fun learning our Rounding Rap
Super Readers 001.jpg

Checking out a Praying Mantis
Super Readers 004.jpg

Our Walk -A-Path that was hugely successful.
Walk a Path 2017 058.jpg

We celebrated the Fruits of the Spirit this past Wednesday by wearing Super Hero costumes.
Super Power Day 029.jpg

We were also able to bless Police Officers for Law Enforcement Appreciation Week with Blessing Buckets to show our Love and Appreciation for all they do. We also wrote Friendly Letters to them as well.
Police Appreciation pictures 001.jpg

Students received their 1st Period AR Goal Awards this past Friday. Every student in our class met their 1st period AR goal and received a September Dog Tag Award, Ice Cream Pop, a Free Kids Meal to Chick Fil-A and a colorful balloon to take home.
Police Appreciation pictures 100.jpg

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Focus on the Family Publications: Plugged In is a Focus on the Family publication designed to shine a light on the world of popular entertainment while giving families the essential tools they need to understand, navigate and impact the culture in which they live. You can get Christian reviews of movies, music, TV, games, and books.

Sneak Peek of what to expect in 2nd grade- some photos below :
Outreach Trip to Dino Papavero Senior Center for Valentine's Day 2017
Natural History Museum 005.JPGNatural History Museum 006.JPG
Natural History Museum 004.JPGNatural History Museum 007.JPG

Outreach Trip to Dino Papavero Senior Center September 9, 2016

Field Trip to Natural History Museum- real life Dino Encounter
IMG_0025.JPGNatural History Museum 050.JPG
Natural History Museum 148.JPG
Natural History Museum 127.JPGNatural History Museum 129.JPG
Natural History Museum 134.JPGNatural History Museum 113.JPG
Natural History Museum 075.JPGNatural History Museum 094.JPG
Natural History Museum 100.JPGNatural History Museum 120.JPG
Natural History Museum 074.JPG
Natural History Museum 057.JPGNatural History Museum 083.JPG
Natural History Museum 152.JPG
Natural History Museum 158.JPG

Polar Express Christmas Celebration
IMG_2586 (1).JPGIMG_2592.JPGPolar Express Party 2014 079.JPGPolar Express Party 2014 137.JPG
Avery speech 002.JPG
Avery speech 011.JPGAvery speech 012.JPGAvery speech 013.JPGAvery speech 014.JPG
Avery speech 015.JPGAvery speech 016.JPGAvery speech 017.JPGAvery speech 018.JPG
Avery speech 020.JPGAvery speech 021.JPGAvery speech 019.JPG
christmas 2016 148.JPGchristmas 2016 153.JPG
christmas 2016 187.JPGIMG_9643.JPG
christmas 2016 193.JPGchristmas 2016 195.JPG
Christmas Program
christmas 2016 032.JPGchristmas 2016 034.JPGchristmas 2016 066.JPG
christmas 2016 068.JPGchristmas 2016 065.JPGchristmas 2016 061.JPG
christmas 2016 039.JPGchristmas 2016 043.JPGchristmas 2016 063.JPG
Election Project and Government Unit
Thanksgiving 2016 020.JPG

Thanksgiving 2016 051.JPGThanksgiving 2016 053.JPGThanksgiving 2016 054.JPG
Thanksgiving 2016 075.JPG
Thanksgiving 2016 123.JPG
Thanksgiving 2016 117.JPG

Red Ribbon Week 2016 036.JPG
Showing C for Courage, L for Love and our Pumpkin Prayer to remind us to Shine God's Light Bright for the World to SeeRed Ribbon Week 2016 040.JPGRed Ribbon Week 2016 046.JPGRed Ribbon Week 2016 042.JPG

Our Classroom Harvest Feast was amazing and we learned alot about plants and pumpkins- see pictures below:
IMG_9073.JPGTalents for Christ 2016 123.JPG
Talents for Christ 2016 076.JPGTalents for Christ 2016 074.JPG
Talents for Christ 2016 079.JPGTalents for Christ 2016 081.JPGTalents for Christ 2016 096.JPG
Talents for Christ 2016 004.JPG
October 2016 pictures 208.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 214.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 205.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 207.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 215.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 206.JPG
October 2016 pictures 216.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 218.JPG
October pictures 2016 034.JPG