Project Pier

Projects for 2017-2018 School Year:

February: Fossil/Dinosaur/Rock Report-Fossil and Rock reports done in class and Dinosaur Report done at home- Amazing Work!!

January: Cereal Box Biography Book Report- Incredible Job!!
Biography part 3 014.JPGBiography part 3 016.JPGBiography part 3 025.JPGBiography part 3 028.JPG
Biography part 3 030.JPGBiography part 3 036.JPGBiography part 3 043.JPGBiography Reports 2018 005.JPG
Biography Reports 2018 006.JPGBiography Reports 2018 010.JPGBiography Reports 2018 019.JPGBiography Reports 2018 021.JPG
Biography Reports part 2 2018 018.JPGBiography Reports part 2 2018 017.JPGBiography Reports part 2 2018 029.JPGBiography Reports part 2 2018 021.JPG
Biography Reports part 2 2018 041.JPGBiography Reports 2018 034.JPGBiography Reports 2018 036.JPGBiography Reports part 2 2018 038.JPG

November: Election Campaign and Speech- Amazing Job!!

IMG_3195.JPGIMG_3193.JPGIMG_3192 (1).JPG
IMG_3178.JPGElection 2017 006.JPGElection 2017 019.jpg
October: Pumpkin Character Book Reports looking good!!
Grandparent's picture 034.JPGGrandparent's picture 035.JPGGrandparent's picture 036.JPG
Grandparent's picture 037.JPGGrandparent's picture 038.JPGGrandparent's picture 040 - Copy.JPG
Grandparent's picture 042.JPGGrandparent's picture 044.JPGGrandparent's picture 046.JPG
Grandparent's picture 047.JPGGrandparent's picture 048.JPGGrandparent's picture 049.JPG
Grandparent's picture 051.JPGGrandparent's picture 053.JPG
Last year's pumpkin book reports:
Alf Museum 2015 009.JPG
Election pictures 2016 001.JPGElection pictures 2016 003.JPG
Election pictures 2016 004.JPG
red ribbon week 132.JPG
October 2015 054.JPG
October 2015 055.JPGRed Ribbon Week 2015 067.JPG

September:The Timeline Projects look Amazing!!

Timelines 9142017 026.jpg
Timelines 9142017 025.jpg
Timelines 9142017 023.jpg
Timelines 9142017 022.jpg

Timelines 9142017 020.jpg
Timelines 9142017 019.jpg
Timelines 9142017 018.jpg
Timelines 9142017 017.jpg
Timelines 9142017 016.jpg
Timelines 9142017 014.jpg
Evan time line 002.JPG
Nataly pics 005.JPG

Pictures of Timelines from the Past:

Timeline pictures 2015 044.JPGTimeline pictures 2015 039.JPG
Timeline presentations part 2 2015 002.JPGI PAD PICTURE 079.jpg
january 2014 mrs cassaro 097.JPGseptember 2014 073.JPG
september 2014 081.JPG
september 2014 089.JPGTimeline Projects 2016 068.JPG
Timeline Projects 2016 030.JPG
Please scroll down to bottom to see additional pictures of projects from last year:

Pictures of Projects in the Past:
Dinosaur Reports 2017 001.JPGMarch 2017 280.JPGDinosaur Reports 2017 007.JPG

Dinosaur Reports 2017 014.JPGDinosaur Reports 2017 016.JPGDinosaur Reports 2017 018.JPG
Dinosaur Reports 2017 020.JPGDinosaur Reports 2017 022.JPGDinosaur Reports 2017 024.JPG
Dinosaur Reports 2017 026.JPGDinosaur Reports 2017 028.JPG

Cereal Box Biography Book Reports

Dinosaur Reports 2017 010.JPGDinosaur Reports 2017 013.JPG
Biography Reports 2017 001.JPGBiography Reports 2017 007.JPGBiography videos 008.JPG

Biography videos 017.JPGBiography videos 021.JPGBiography videos 028.JPG

Biography videos 039.JPGBiography videos 043.JPGBiography videos 049.JPG
Biography videos 055.JPGBiography videos 060.JPGBiography videos 064.JPG
Biography videos 070.JPGBiography videos 077.JPG
Art Video Lesson OPA 028.JPGArt Video Lesson OPA 029.JPGArt Video Lesson OPA 030.JPG
Art Video Lesson OPA 036.JPGArt Video Lesson OPA 037.JPGCereal Box Biography Book Report.jpg
Art Video Lesson OPA 062.JPG
Examples of Extra Credit Poster/Dressing up as Famous Person:
Art Video Lesson OPA 018.JPGdinosaur presentations 076.JPGdinosaur presentations 090.JPG
Valentines Day 2016 132.jpgValentines Day 2016 136.jpgValentines Day 2016 135.jpg

November:Election Campaign Poster Project-

Election part 2 2016 005.JPGElection part 2 2016 004.JPGElection part 2 2016 001.JPG
Election pictures 2016 019.JPGElection pictures 2016 025.JPGElection pictures 2016 027.JPG
Election part 2 2016 013.JPGElection part 2 2016 017.JPGElection part 2 2016 018.JPG
Election part 2 2016 021.JPGElection part 2 2016 026.JPGElection part 2 2016 027.JPG

October:Pumpkin Book Report
October 2016 pictures 226.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 229.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 240.JPGOctober pictures 2016 057.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 241.JPGOctober pictures 2016 055.JPG
October pictures 2016 061.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 232.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 234.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 235.JPGTalents for Christ 2016 004.JPG
September:Timeline Projects-
Time line pictures p 1 005.JPGTime line pictures p 1 004.JPG
Time line pictures p 1 007.JPGTime line pictures p 1 011.JPG

Timeline Projects 2016 002.JPGTimeline Projects 2016 007.JPG

Timeline Projects 2016 010.JPGTimeline Projects 2016 019.JPGTimeline pt 2 005.JPGTimeline Projects 2016 052.JPG

Timeline Projects 2016 059.JPGTimeline pt 2 001.JPG
Timeline Projects 2016 072.JPGTimeline Projects 2016 074.JPG

More pictures of Projects from the past.
Pumpkin Book Reports

Alf Museum 2015 009.JPG

january 2014 mrs cassaro 526.JPG

October 2015 054.JPG
October 2015 055.JPG
October 2015 048.JPGOctober 2015 049.JPG
October 2015 052.JPGOctober 2015 042.JPGOctober 2015 035.JPGOctober 2015 036.JPG
October 2015 038.JPGOctober 2015 039.JPG
October 2015 046.JPGOctober 2015 053.JPG
Red Ribbon Week 2015 065.JPGRed Ribbon Week 2015 066.JPG
Red Ribbon Week 2015 067.JPGRed Ribbon Week 2015 068.JPG

Dinosaur Reports

Alf Museum 2015 455.JPGAlf Museum 2015 459.JPG
Alf Museum 2015 460.JPGAlf Museum 2015 467.JPG
Story Book Suitcases- Book Reports
Alf Museum 2015 501.JPGAlf Museum 2015 502.JPG
Alf Museum 2015 503.JPGAlf Museum 2015 440.JPG
november 2013 election project 179.JPGnovember 2013 election project 181.JPG
Election Campaign Posters
Mrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 086.JPGMrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 097.JPGMrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 116.JPG

november 2013 election project 401.JPGnovember 2013 election project 445.JPGnovember 2013 election project 472.JPG
november 2013 election project 439.JPGnovember 2013 election project 454.JPGnovember 2013 election project 448.JPGnovember 2013 election project 466.JPGnovember 2013 election project 451.JPGnovember 2013 election project 457.JPG
november 2013 election project 461.JPGMrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 120.JPG
Mrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 118.JPGMrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 124.JPGMrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 126.JPG

Mrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 123.JPGMrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 121.JPGMrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 117.JPG
More Pumpkin Book Reports
Pumpkin Book Reports 001.JPGPumpkin Book Reports 002.JPG
Pumpkin Book Reports 003.JPGPumpkin Book Reports 005.JPG
Pumpkin Book Reports 006.JPGPumpkin Book Reports 007.JPG
Pumpkin Book Reports 008.JPGPumpkin Book Reports 009.JPG
Pumpkin Book Reports 010.JPGPumpkin Book Reports 011.JPG
Pumpkin Book Reports 012.JPGPumpkin Book Reports 013.JPG
Pumpkin Book Reports 014.JPGPumpkin Book Reports 015.JPG
Pumpkin Book Reports 016.JPGPumpkin Book Reports 017.JPG
Pumpkin Book Reports 019.JPGPumpkin Book Reports 020.JPG
red ribbon week 109.JPGred ribbon week 130.JPGred ribbon week 124.JPGred ribbon week 128.JPGred ribbon week 111.JPGred ribbon week 123.JPG

September: Create a Story Board Timeline of your own Life

October: Pumpkin Character Book Report

November: Election Campaign and Speech-write a persuasive speech to get elected for President, Governor, Mayor or Judge and create a political campaign poster with a slogan and/or Motto

January: Cereal Box Biography Book Report
February: Fossil/Dinosaur/Rock Report
March: Participate in a Flat Stanley Letter Writing Project
April/May: Suitcase Book Report