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We observed the Butterfly Life Cycle and discussed how it symbolizes the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
Butterflies 2018 001.JPGMrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 296.jpgMrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 332.jpgEaster 2018 077.JPG
summer pics 2014 241.JPGsenior center craft day 038.jpg
Easter Classroom ExperienceWe walked through the Passion Week reflecting on how we now have a New Life in Christ!!!!Easter 2018 069.JPGEaster 2018 057.JPG
Easter 2018 045.JPGEaster 2018 046.JPG
Easter 2018 044.JPGEaster 2018 040.JPG
Easter 2018 053.JPGEaster 2018 054.JPG
Easter 2018 064.JPGEaster 2018 065.JPG

Easter 2018 070.JPG

Easter 2018 075.JPGEaster 2018 072.JPGEaster 2018 071.JPGEaster 2018 074.JPG
Christmas Program
Christmas 2017 334.JPG

Christmas 2017 344.JPG
Christmas 2017 348.JPG
Christmas 2017 360.JPG

Christmas 2017 367.JPG
Christmas 2017 395.JPGChristmas 2017 363.JPG
Class Birthday CelebrationsOctober 2017 011.JPGNataly (4).JPGOctober 2017 139.JPGOctober 2017 143.JPGWalk a Path 2017 001.jpgWalk a Path 2017 004.jpgWalk a Path 2017 014.jpg
Class photos 053.jpgClass photos 054.jpgClass photos 056.jpg
Class photos 057.jpgClass photos 058.jpgClass photos 061.jpg
Class photos 067.jpgClass photos 070.jpgClass photos 071.jpg
Jordan Sharing his Summer trip to FranceClass photos 050.jpgClass photos 051.jpgClass photos 052.jpg
Class of 2017-2018 1st Day of 2nd Grade- Bon Voyage to Summer PartyBack to School 2017 129.JPG
Back to School 2017 135.JPG

Back to School 2017 137.JPG

Field Trip to Los Angeles ArboretumOctober 2016 pictures 168.JPG
October 2016 pictures 193.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 198.JPG
October 2016 pictures 194.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 200.JPG

October 2016 pictures 113.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 125.JPG
October 2016 pictures 150.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 160.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 170.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 171.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 173.JPG
October 2016 pictures 175.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 177.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 180.JPG
Field Trip to Lewis PlayhouseOctober 2016 pictures 010.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 014.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 019.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 022.JPG
October 2016 pictures 025.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 034.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 043.JPG
October 2016 pictures 044.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 064.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 087.JPG

Lunch with ParentsOctober pictures 2016 033.JPGOctober pictures 2016 032.JPGOctober pictures 2016 025.JPG
October pictures 2016 015.JPGOctober pictures 2016 016.JPGOctober pictures 2016 017.JPG
October pictures 2016 019.JPGOctober pictures 2016 020.JPGOctober pictures 2016 021.JPG
October pictures 2016 022.JPGOctober pictures 2016 023.JPG
Former 2nd Grade Students Come Back to Read Seed to Seed to our Current 2nd grade class
October pictures 2016 008.JPGOctober pictures 2016 001.JPG
October pictures 2016 003.JPGOctober pictures 2016 004.JPGOctober pictures 2016 006.JPG2nd Grade Art Tribute to 9/11- A Skyline Never Forgotten
October pictures 2016 062.JPG

October pictures 2016 063.JPGOctober pictures 2016 064.JPG
Honoring our Police Officers- Visit by Police Officer- Detective
Police Officer Visit 2016 029.JPG

Walk a Path with God 2016

Walk a path 2016 027.JPG
Walk a path 2016 004.JPG
Walk a path 2016 030.JPG

Walk a path 2016 031.JPG
Walk a path 2016 045.JPG
Walk a path 2016 033.JPGWalk a path 2016 034.JPGWalk a path 2016 035.JPGWalk a path 2016 037.JPGWalk a path 2016 039.JPGWalk a path 2016 040.JPG

2nd Grade Outreach Trip to Dino Papavero Senior Center to Celebrate Grandparent's Day and September Birthdays for the Seniors 2016
Dino Papavero Outreach Trip

Dino Papavero Senior Center 2016 035.JPGDino Papavero Senior Center 2016 037.JPG
Dino Papavero Senior Center 2016 065.JPG

Back to School 2016First Day Photos
back to school 2016 part 2 018.JPGback to school 2016 part 2 014.JPG

back to school 2016 part 2 004.JPGback to school 2016 part 2 009.JPGBack to school 2016 part 3 001.JPGBack to school 2016 part 3 006.JPGBack to school 2016 part 3 009.JPGBack to school 2016 part 3 012.JPG

Back to school 2016 part 3 014.JPGBack to school 2016 part 3 020.JPGBack to school 2016 part 3 024.JPG
Back to school 2016 part 3 027.JPGBack to school 2016 part 3 033.JPGBack to school 2016 part 4 003.JPG

Back to school 2016 part 4 007.JPGBack to school 2016 part 3 018.JPG

Year end VIP Ice Cream Party for AR Award Winners
End of the year 2016 004.JPGAR Party 008.JPG
AR Party 013.JPGAR Party 001.JPGAR Party 016.JPG
Our end of the year classroom Bear Picnic

End of the year 2016 043.JPGEnd of the year 2016 046.JPGEnd of the year 2016 047.JPG
End of the year 2016 050.JPGEnd of the year 2016 085.JPGEnd of the year 2016 095.JPG
End of the year 2016 096.JPGEnd of the year 2016 097.JPGEnd of the year 2016 099.JPG
Visiting 3rd Grade with Operation Next YearEnd of the year 2016 032.JPG
ACSI Art Winner
Teeth Brushing presentation 048.jpg

Guest Speakers explain how to take care of our teeth
Teeth Brushing presentation 013.jpgTeeth Brushing presentation 017.jpg

Teeth Brushing presentation 021.jpgTeeth Brushing presentation 024.jpg
Teeth Brushing presentation 029.jpgTeeth Brushing presentation 031.jpg
Teeth Brushing presentation 033.jpg
Teeth Brushing presentation 038.jpgTeeth Brushing presentation 039.jpg
Teeth Brushing presentation 046.jpgTeeth Brushing presentation 047.jpg
Read Across America with Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss 030.jpgDr. Seuss 051.jpg
Read Across America 2016 022.jpgRead Across America 2016 023.jpg

Read Across America 2016 025.jpgRead Across America 2016 027.jpg
Read Across America 2016 029.jpg
Read Across America 2016 038.jpg
Read Across America 2016 039.jpgRead Across America 2016 041.jpg
Read Across America 2016 046.jpgRead Across America 2016 047.jpg
Read Across America 2016 049.jpgRead Across America 2016 051.jpg
Read Across America 2016 055.jpgRead Across America 2016 057.jpg
Read Across America 2016 060.jpgAR T-shirt samples 002.jpg

Valentine Celebration
Valentines Day 2016 112.jpgValentines Day 2016 113.jpg
Valentines Day 2016 124.jpgValentines Day 2016 109.jpg
Valentines Day 2016 122.jpgValentines Day 2016 125.jpg

Life House Theater to see Life Tales of George WashingtonDr. Seuss 010.jpg
Dr. Seuss 004.jpgDr. Seuss 005.jpg

Dr. Seuss 015.jpg

Field Trip to the Los Angeles Arboretum
Arboretum 2015 065.JPG
Arboretum 2015 076.JPG
Arboretum 2015 129.JPGArboretum 2015 125.JPGArboretum 2015 169.JPGArboretum 2015 022.JPG

Arboretum 2015 043.JPG
Arboretum 2015 046.JPG
Arboretum 2015 170.JPG
Arboretum 2015 168.JPG
Arboretum 2015 172.JPG
Arboretum 2015 150.JPG
Arboretum 2015 144.JPG
Arboretum 2015 154.JPG

Arcadia Arboretum part 2 2014 047.JPGArcadia Arboretum part 2 2014 053.JPG
Arcadia Arboretum part 2 2014 071.JPGArcadia Arboretum part 2 2014 073.JPG
Arcadia Arboretum part 2 2014 020.JPGArcadia Arboretum part 2 2014 057.JPG
Arcadia Arboretum part 2 2014 063.JPGArcadia Arboretum part 2 2014 064.JPG
Arcadia Arboretum part 2 2014 065.JPGArcadia Arboretum part 2 2014 066.JPG
Arcadia Arboretum part 2 2014 041.JPGArcadia Arboretum part 2 2014 025.JPG
Pictures of our Timeline Projects
Timeline pictures 2015 001.JPGTimeline pictures 2015 008.JPGtimeline presentations 2015 014.JPG

Classroom Election for our Government Unit
ipad pictures 2016 011.JPG
november 2014 yvonnes 014.JPG

november 2014 yvonnes 022.JPG
november 2014 yvonnes 034.JPG
november 2014 yvonnes 035.JPG
november 2014 yvonnes 041.JPG

november 2014 yvonnes 046.JPG

november 2014 yvonnes 061.JPG
november 2014 yvonnes 054.JPG
november 2014 yvonnes 082.JPG
november 2014 yvonnes 089.JPG
Polar Express PartyIMG_2586 (1).JPGIMG_2589.JPGIMG_2592.JPG

Polar Express Party 2014 012.JPG
Polar Express Party 2014 025.JPG

Polar Express Party 2014 027.JPG
Polar Express Party 2014 059.JPG
Polar Express Party 2014 079.JPG
Polar Express Party 2014 080.JPG
Polar Express Party 2014 081.JPG
Polar Express Party 2014 104.JPG
Polar Express Party 2014 107.JPG
Polar Express Party 2014 109.JPG
Polar Express Party 2014 121.JPG
Polar Express Party 2014 129.JPGPolar Express Party 2014 137.JPG
Life House Theater pics 055.JPG
Life House Theater pics 002.JPG
Life House Theater pics 050.JPG
Our Dinosaur Eggclass pictures Jan-Feb 014.JPGclass pictures Jan-Feb 002.JPGclass pictures Jan-Feb 008.JPGclass pictures Jan-Feb 007.JPGclass pictures Jan-Feb 012.JPG
Read Across America with Dr. SeussI am not going to get up todayclass pictures Jan-Feb 070.JPG
Cat in the Hat Dayclass pictures Jan-Feb 072.JPG
photo 1 (6).JPG
Field Trip to Alf Museum of Paleontology- see more pics under Field Trips pageAlf Museum 2015 404.JPG
Alf Museum 2015 352.JPG
Pictures from Open House Alf Museum 2015 478.JPGAlf Museum 2015 473.JPG
Alf Museum 2015 477.JPG
Alf Museum 2015 462.JPG
Alf Museum 2015 471.JPGAlf Museum 2015 475.JPG
Alf Museum 2015 476.JPGAlf Museum 2015 474.JPG

Alf Museum 2015 470.JPGAlf Museum 2015 468.JPG
Alf Museum 2015 453.JPGAlf Museum 2015 447.JPG
Alf Museum 2015 454.JPGAlf Museum 2015 451.JPG
Alf Museum 2015 444.JPGAlf Museum 2015 466.JPGAlf Museum 2015 441.JPG
Alf Museum 2015 440.JPGAlf Museum 2015 438.JPG
Alf Museum 2015 449.JPG
Hands on Exploration with Fossils
Alf Museum 2015 485.JPGAlf Museum 2015 486.JPG
Learning about Animal Life CyclesRaising and Releasing our 5 Painted Lady Butterflies
summer pics 2014 153.JPG
Mrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 295.jpg

Mrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 296.jpg

Alf Museum 2015 453.JPG
Mrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 309.jpg
Mrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 310.jpg

Butterfly Science Inquiry Lesson 079.JPG
summer pics 2014 245.JPG
summer pics 2014 241.JPGsummer pics 2014 242.JPGsummer pics 2014 243.JPG

Mrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 130.JPG

Butterfly release 2015 028.JPG
Butterfly release 2015 029.JPG
Butterfly release 2015 027.JPG

Our Interactive Easter ExperienceThe Spikes of SinMrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 901.jpg

The Painful ThornsMrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 320.jpg

Mrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 611.jpg
The Bitter VinegarMrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 911.jpg
The Distracting DiceMrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 614.jpg
Mrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 326.jpg
Mrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 327.jpg
Remember MeMrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 328.jpg
Mrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 329.jpgMrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 918.jpg
The temple curtain is torn- we are no longer separated from GodThank you Jesus!!Mrs. Cassaro`s 2nd graders 2013 621.jpg
summer pics 2014 213.JPG
Phone pictures 124.jpg
Happy Easter!!!