Cassaro’s C.A.F.E For a CauseOur next and last Cafe of the year is Next Friday, April 27th at 7am
February 16th Cafe Results:
CAFE FOR A CAUSE on February 16th was a blessing. We raised over $700.00 to support AGUA DE VIDA Orphanage AND SOUTH SUDAN. With our four Cafe's this year we have raised a total of $3,170.95 in donations so far. Way to Go!!! Please help us reach our yearly goal of $5,000. Our next Cafe for a Cause is April 27th.
See Dates for Future Cafe's Below:

Future Cafe for a Cause Dates:
April 27th: Sponsored by Middle School
We raised a yearly total of $3,603.96 in donations last year (2016-2017) to help those in South Sudan who have been displaced from their home and are currently going without food.

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Located in the CafeteriaStudents come in from 7am-8am with a book to read and are served hot chocolate and/or juice and snacks. Please be sure to walk your child directly to the Cafeteria for drop off. Do not drop them off in the school lobby. The purpose is to encourage students to view reading as a positive, social experience that they enjoy and can share with others. We also encourage parents to come in and read with their students for positive role modeling. The Cafe is also an opportunity for Christian Fellowship and Ministry Outreach.

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