Field Trips/Outreach trips for this year:

Field Trip 5 The Lewis Playhouse Theater in Victoria Gardens to see Frederic on Wednesday, May 9, 2018. Depart at 8:30. Return by 2:30. All Chaperones will need to drive and have $100K/$300K/$100K policy limits on their insurance policy. A copy of the insurance policy will need to be provided to Renee and kept on file in our office. Even if you have provided a copy in the past, it has to be updated each year. Chaperone fee is $8 for admission. We are limited to no more than 6 adult chaperones between both 2nd grade classes. Library tour at Paul Biane Library immediately after and Lunch at Arbor Park.

Parent Chaperone List Below:

1. Gina Avila (Adrian’s mom)

2. Liva Greggio (David’s mom)

3. Michelle Salib (Elijah’s mom)

4. Gaby Meza (Grayson's mom)
Backup List Below:

Golda Mendoza (Aeson’s mom)

Chaperone Policy: We have 18 students in our class, that will give each family an opportunity to sign up for at least 1 field trip if they would like. I will do my best to give everyone who responds either their 1st or 2nd choice. If we have parents who cannot attend a field trip then I will open it up to those who did respond first for an additional field trip. Sign ups are based on a first serve, first respond to e-mail basis. Please be sure to list your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices when you respond. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me.

Raymond Alf Museum in Claremont/John's Incredible Pizza (2018)
IMG_0204 (1).JPGIMG_0213.JPG
IMG_0296.JPGIMG_0271 (2).JPG
IMG_0289.JPGIMG_0232 (1).JPG

Natural History Museum in Los Angeles (2018)

Jurupa Mountain Center in San Bernardino
We learned a lot about Minerals, Rocks and Fossils at our 2nd Field Trip this year on January 17th to Jurupa Mountain Cultural Center in San Bernardino. We searched for minerals, rocks and fossils at Dinosaur Digs and kept what we collected in egg cartons. Pictures below:
Jurupa Cultural Center 2018 249.JPGJurupa Cultural Center 2018 220.JPG
Jurupa Cultural Center 2018 221.JPGJurupa Cultural Center 2018 120.JPG
Jurupa Cultural Center 2018 153.JPGJurupa Cultural Center 2018 167.JPG
Jurupa Cultural Center 2018 171.JPGJurupa Cultural Center 2018 173.JPG
Jurupa Cultural Center 2018 183.JPGJurupa Cultural Center 2018 202.JPG
Jurupa Cultural Center 2018 204.JPGJurupa Cultural Center 2018 265.JPG
Jurupa Cultural Center 2018 280.JPGJurupa Cultural Center 2018 295.JPG
Jurupa Cultural Center 2018 294.JPGJurupa Cultural Center 2018 304.JPG
Jurupa Cultural Center 2018 315.JPGJurupa Cultural Center 2018 318.JPG
Jurupa Cultural Center 2018 330.JPG
Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Gardens in Arcadia
We had a fun filled day on October 12th exploring God's creation at our 1st Field Trip this year to Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Gardens in Arcadia where we learned more about native and exotic plants and reviewed the plant life cycle. We also explored the structure of different plants, including a review of plant parts, their functions, and how plants make their own food through photosynthesis. We also discussed what a plant needs and how a plant adapts to its environment. We also learned about all the ways we use plants- food, clothing, shelter, medicine, etc. We explored green houses, bamboo fields, cycad forests and saw turtles, fish, peacocks, geese and ducks. We even got to see a living dinosaur (living plant shaped like a dinosaur that is).

arboretum 2017 052.JPG

IMG_2910 (1).JPG
arboretum 2017 069.JPG
arboretum 2017 077.JPG
arboretum 2017 006.JPGarboretum 2017 008.JPGarboretum 2017 013.JPG
arboretum 2017 014.JPGarboretum 2017 016.JPGarboretum 2017 019.JPG
arboretum 2017 021.JPGarboretum 2017 030.JPGarboretum 2017 032.JPG
arboretum 2017 040.JPGarboretum 2017 041.JPGarboretum 2017 042.JPG
arboretum 2017 048.JPGarboretum 2017 050.JPGIMG_2908.JPG

Pictures of Last Year's Field Trips:
Natural History Museum in Los Angeles
Natural History Museum 057.JPGNatural History Museum 067.JPG
Natural History Museum 070.JPGNatural History Museum 072.JPG
Natural History Museum 073.JPGNatural History Museum 090.JPG
Natural History Museum 096.JPGNatural History Museum 098.JPG
Natural History Museum 107.JPGNatural History Museum 113.JPG
Natural History Museum 119.JPGNatural History Museum 121.JPG
Natural History Museum 152.JPGNatural History Museum 158.JPG

Outreach trip to Senior Center-Celebrating Valentine's Day

Natural History Museum 005.JPGNatural History Museum 004.JPG
Natural History Museum 006.JPGNatural History Museum 007.JPG
Natural History Museum 008.JPGNatural History Museum 003.JPG

The Lewis Family Playhouse- The Secret Garden- Tour of Paul Biane Library at Victoria Gardens, Lunch at Victoria Gardens, and a tour of the Bass Pro Shop.
Lewis Playhouse Secret Garden 134.jpgLewis Playhouse Secret Garden 138.jpg

Lewis Playhouse Secret Garden 151.jpg
Lewis Playhouse Secret Garden 161.jpgLewis Playhouse Secret Garden 164.jpg
Lewis Playhouse Secret Garden 169.jpgLewis Playhouse Secret Garden 176.jpg
Lewis Playhouse Secret Garden 166.jpgLewis Playhouse Secret Garden 181.jpg
Lewis Playhouse Secret Garden 183.jpgLewis Playhouse Secret Garden 184.jpg

The Lewis Family Playhouse- Stuart Little- Tour of Paul Biane Library at Victoria Gardens and then have Lunch at Arbor Park.
October 2016 pictures 010.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 017.JPG
October 2016 pictures 025.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 033.JPG

October 2016 pictures 043.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 044.JPG
October 2016 pictures 067.JPGOctober 2016 pictures 064.JPG

The Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanical Gardens in Arcadia
October 2016 pictures 113.JPG

Outreach trip to Senior Center- Celebrating Grandparent's Day

More Pictures of Field Trips in the past :

The Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanical Gardens in ArcadiaArboretum 2015 067.JPG
Arboretum 2015 076.JPG
Arboretum 2015 144.JPG
Arboretum 2015 167.JPG
Arboretum 2015 172.JPG
Arboretum 2015 043.JPG
Arboretum 2015 125.JPGArboretum 2015 015.JPGArboretum 2015 169.JPG
Life House Theater for Life Tales of George WashingtonDr. Seuss 010.jpg
Dr. Seuss 015.jpg

Dr. Seuss 014.jpg
Dr. Seuss 004.jpgDr. Seuss 005.jpgDr. Seuss 006.jpg
Arcadia Arboretum part 2 2014 084.JPG
Arcadia Arboretum 2014 150.JPG
Arcadia Arboretum 2014 126.JPGArcadia Arboretum 2014 129.JPG

-Life House Theater for a Life Tales Musical Biography on the life of Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin logo
Ben Franklin logo
Life House Theater pics 001.JPGLife House Theater pics 005.JPG
Life House Theater pics 025.JPGLife House Theater pics 021.JPG
Life House Theater pics 022.JPGLife House Theater pics 023.JPG
Life House Theater pics 024.JPGLife House Theater pics 008.JPG

- The Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology in Claremont to learn all about Fossils and Dinosaurs
Alf Museum 2015 404.JPGAlf Museum 2015 327.JPG
Alf Museum 2015 333.JPGAlf Museum 2015 335.JPGAlf Museum 2015 362.JPGAlf Museum 2015 397.JPG
Alf Museum 2015 398.JPGAlf Museum 2015 392.JPG

Alf Museum 2015 379.JPGAlf Museum 2015 373.JPG
Alf Museum 2015 369.JPGAlf Museum 2015 346.JPG

Alf Museum 2015 348.JPGAlf Museum 2015 355.JPG
Alf Museum 2015 352.JPG